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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this morning on "early today," last words. georgia executes a man who until the very end maintained his innocence. end of an ordeal. two u.s. hikers head home after spending more than two years in iranian custody. and swept away, swollen waters topple a floating restaurant in china. this is "early today," for thursday, september 22nd, 2011.
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hello and good morning, i'm lynn berry. today we begin with the high profile execution. after an intense wait in georgia inmate troy davis was put to death last night despite protests from around the world. until the very end davis maintained his innocence, telling the family of the police officer he was convicted of killing what happened was not his fault. nbc's kurt gregory reports. >> reporter: after an emotional 11th hour appeal to the highest court in the land, troy davis was executed in georgia. >> the court-ordered execution of troy anthony davis has been carried out. >> reporter: according to witnesses, davis' last words were a denial of responsibility for the crime he was convicted of. >> he was not personally responsible for what happened that night, that he did not have a gun. he said to the family that he was sorry for their loss but also said that he did not take their son, father, brother.
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>> reporter: a case that has galvanized communities far beyond the prison gates in georgia, from coast to coast, groups rallied. their message, spare davis' life. troy davis was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1989 murder of savannah police officer mark macphail after witnesses testified davis shot macphail. but seven of the nine witnesses later rekantd their testimony. and no dna evidence links him to the crime. >> it's over. it sounds terrible but i can finally close this book and hopefully get some sleep. >> reporter: after 22 years, officer macphail's family and prosecutors have never abandoned their belief that davis deserved the death penalty. kurt gregory, nbc news. after spending more than two years locked up in iran, hishgers josh fattal and shane bauer are finally free. yesterday they were released
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from prison into the arms of loved ones. we have more from iran. >> after 780 days in tehran's prison, josh fattal and shane bauer finally get to taste freedom. their iranian lawyer was summoned to the judiciary to come and finalize their $1 million bail arrangement. once that has been done, omani and swiss delegates rushed to the prison to see how long it would take to get them out. the good news was delivered that josh fattal and shane bauer, after two years of hope and heartbreak for themselves and their families were on their way out of iran. >> two years in prison is too long. and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in america and iran. >> reporter: what this ordeal and case has highlighted,
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though, are deep rifts between the ruling elite, something ahmadinejad wants to address at the u.n. general assembly this week. nbc news, tehran. >> back here at home, the diplomat standoff continues at the annual meeting of the united nations general assembly. palestinian president mock mod abbas remains determined to take his bid for statehood to the u.n. despite pressure from the u.s. for abbas to instead resume peace talks with israel. tracie potts joins with us more from washington. good morning. >> reporter: lynn, good morning. president obama addresses directly in his speech before the u.n. general assembly yesterday, he said that people not coming to statements and resolutions at the united nations. he's been pushing for the two sides to restart no,z and in fact the security council is expected to consider that request for full membership, possibly tomorrow. president obama met with both abbas yesterday and israel's
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prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. with netanyahu, he reiterated that the u.s. is committed to israel's safety. saying it is unbreakable. they may postpone the decision or french president nicolas sarkozy suggested upgrading their status from voting from nonmember. lynn? >> tracie potts for us in washington, tracie, thank you. here's a look at some other stories making news. "early today" in america, police say a michigan attorney and his two sons are lucky to be alive after a bomb exploded in their car tuesday evening. the three managed to escape the vehicle before it was engulfed in flames. a $10,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest in the explosion. the man was reportedly released
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from the hospital. his 11 and 13-year-old sons were last listed in critical condition. in new jersey, newly released surveillance video shows an suv smashing into a jewelry store back in july. a quick-thinking customer pulled the driver's foot off the gas, turned off the ignition and wrapped the injured driver's hand in a tourniquet. thankfully, no one was seriously injured. wildlife officials in colorado are warning residents to lock up their trash at night. that's because the unusual number of dumpster diving bears. apparently a drought in southeastern parts of the state has the hungry animals on a desperate search for food before high b hibernation. here's meteorologist ryan phillips from wtvj in miami. they eat 20,000 calories a day. >> no kidding. >> that's not just your leftover
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chinese food. >> no. >> they're going for the kill. >> they're cute but they'll go through the entire dumpster on your behalf. a wet weather pattern is setting up across all of the mid-atlantic states. heffens will open up. locally heavy rains expected for the next few days. early radar imagery with light-to-moderate showers across new jersey, new york, massachusetts getting ready for a wet weather pattern. we don't have a whole lot of activity down towards the nation's capital right now. virginia, more showers will develop as the day goes on. two systems in place, one large area of low pressure across canada and upper level disturbance across the southeastern state. work in tandem with the cold front to bring a lot of rain in the eastern third of the u.s. for the next few days. we are talking 1 to 3 inches of rain. in the philadelphia area, a flood watch in effect. we could see local heavy rains through connecticut and massachusetts, also, oklahoma. 46 in minneapolis, 55 currently with cloudy skies in chicago.
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70 in atlanta, upper have for new york and washington. into the mid-70s today, though, for the northeast for the most part. nice to see some warmup in chicago at 61. that's a look at the regional weather. now let's check the forecast close to home. washington, d.c., fog yesterday, today, showers and thunderstorms. 78. indianapolis, 70. you'll see sunshine later on but a cool day in milwaukee, temperatures only up to 58 and not a whole lot of sunshine. so it's a wet weather pattern, lynn, and i would say wherever that umbrella is, make sure you find it and keep it around. >> hang on to it. all right, ryan, thanks so much. the fed announces stimulus, critics boo loudly and business as usual when it comes to american's riches. and why we won't be seeing much of the duchess of cambridge for the next several months. the cards gain ground.
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how did the yankees help the red sox by clinching the division? you're watching "early today."
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good morning. welcome back to "early today," i'm lynn berry. here are your top headlines this morning. house republicans leaders suffered the surprise defeat of a bill to keep the government running past next week, one they confidently predicted would pass. democrats objected to funding cuts while tea party freshman thought there weren't enough. while georgia executed troy davis yesterday, texas put to death lawrence russell brewer for the notorious 1998 dragging death of a black man. the white supremacist gang member gave no last words. in china, rescuers were called into action after a restaurant boat that broke free collided with another vessel and capsized. 11 people were tossed into the water. fortunately, they were all saved. and now here's an early look
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at wall street. the dow opens at 11,124 after sinking 283 points yesterday. the s&p dropped 35 points, the nasdaq did 52. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei tumbled 180 points and in hong kong, the hang seng plummeted 912. the fed is doing the twist but its wall street audience is throwing toe mate toes. the federal reserve's long-awaited plan for kick starting the economy already nicknamed operation twist after a similar move in 1961, involves the central bank selling $400 billion of its holdings from short-term government debt. in turn, the fed will buy long-term debt. the goal, stimulate the economy by driving down long-term interest rates. review have already been
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scathing. the dow tumbled with traders disappointed by the investment shuffle rather than a third injection of cash into the economy. economists doubt it will help. even with that said, three of ten members voting dissend. the fed also forecast gloom saying the economy faces significant downside risks, including lengthy struggles with growth, high unemployment and housing. lincoln national tumbled 8%. investors seeking safe haven said the ten-year treasury yield to a new record low. banks led decliners after moody's cut the debt ratings of bank of america, wells fargo and citigroup on fears the government may balk at any bailout. finally, bill gates topped "forbes" list of the richest
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americans for the 18th in a row with $59 billion. number two, the oracle of omaha, warren buffett with $39 billion. coming up, all the latest on baseball's red hot down to the wire pennant races, including the yankees wrapping up their division title while at the same time, helping their arch rival. it's the last day of summer, but most of the nation dealing with spring rain. your forecast is coming up, you're watching "early today."
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good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sports, despite aging arms and a long line of injured in trainers rooms, once again, new york yankees are playoff bound. here's nbc's fred rogue within an early look at all your sports headlines. good morning with all eyes on the a.l. wild card race, the yankees quietly won the division yesterday. game one of a double header in the bronx. robinson cano capped off a four-run eighth with an rbi double. to the ninth, rivera in to close it out. this is not deep enough. the yankees are headed back to the post seas for ton for the 1
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time in 17 years. her say posada, an rbi singling with up 4-2. he strikes out matt jois joyce. new york takes the a.l. east crown. all a day's work for the yankees. nothing's been going right for the red sox, tied at four with the or yols. boston reeling but tampa not much better. throw the angels into the mix. unlike the rays and red sox, the angels have been winning. bernie wells smashed a two-run homer. angels over toronto. at one point, the braves had a 10 1/2 game lead. now it's down to 1 1/2. brett hayes with a solo shot in the fifth. marlins shut them out.
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david freeze getting it done. they rally to win it, 6-5. cardinals closing in on the braves with just a week left in the season. that's your "early" look at sports on are the prt. i'm fred roggin. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus, sure he takes his pope mobile all around the world. coming up, we'll introduce you to a kansas fun whose less fancy version gets her around the neighborhood. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back to "early today." it's not only the northeast and the mid-atlantic with wet weather, across the southern plains, oklahoma and texas to be specific here with some early morning showers and thunderstorms. and a good chance for rains continuing in areas that really need it and drought-stricken areas across the southern plains. dallas, storm chances, highs at 80. nice day in kansas city, the temperatures there 70. highs in the mid-70s for d.c. and new york. tomorrow as we get into the afternoon hours, it's the first day of fall and beautiful weather for minneapolis. 62 in minneapolis, and sunny. 82 in denver. channel nyt, see an interactive piece of art built in the empire state 100 years ago at the
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carousal at the new york state museum. that's your "early today" event of the day. >> thanks so much. here's an early morning look at headlines and entertainment. attention kate middleton fans. she's basically in princess boot camp. her husband prince william is said to be insistent that kate is properly prepared after his mother's unhappy start in royal life. and while she learns about government, national institutions and dealing with the media, her appearances will be limited. > wi wick. a publisher is releasing a draft of his autobiography without his approval. and promoting his upcoming film at a recent wrestling event, hugh jackman took what was supposed to be a playful poke at a wrestler.
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jackman broke his jaw. i guess he didn't get the memo that the wwe thing is supposed to be the fake punch. he went -- wait until you see the videos. he went right for the jaw. it was hard core. >> it's a little bit too far and took it online to twitter. >> yes. poor guy is getting an mri. >> wow. >> i guess the wolverine really does have super power strength. this comes to us from nbc 3 ksan news in wichita, kansas, the one-neighbor fun has taken her charity work to the streets in style. sister ann katherine may be 09 years old but she never misses a visit to those in need. the donated cart helps her get around the streets calling on the sick, home bound and hungry. she says the wheels make her memorable, even to people she hasn't met. to those who do know her, it's a friendship that makes her unforgettable.
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i'm lynn berry and this is "early today," your first stop of the day today, on your nbc stations.
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. we have some scattered rain showers that may affect the traffic. give yourself a few extra minutes if you can. light rain in howard county. not a steady rain today appeared off and on showers and maybe if thundershower later this
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afternoon with a high temperature of 77. we'll come back and check the seven-day forecast. >> 4:47. following several breaking news stories from overnight. >> a fatal fire claims the life of three people. we're following breaking news. >> a spending showdown in progress that could lead to a government shutdown. i am kate amara in washington. >> troy davis is put to death. his final words, next. >> we are tracking some rain on the area roads that could create the area roads that could create some
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